Website Link L U T Q
   => The Official Website
Summoning Official Website - At least it was done ! E U S +
    => My Website - don't hesitate to link and give me your URL
The Stronghold Online E U S C
    => Fan Pages
Dark Hobbiton ; as it has been traduced in english, this is now my prefered website. Fresh design and full of infos. E U S C
Night's Webpage - very rare and interesting stuff E U S +
Through the Forest of Dol Guldur - very good flash anims E U S D
..In the hills, where the Dragon Fly.. Weird hypnotic design E U S D
Elfstone : Memalon's Website (most ancient alive) D U S +
Kadazan's Summoning Polish Website Pl U S D
Lugburz : the other Polish Website Pl U S
    => Fallen Heroes
Darkira's Summoning Homepage E D S +
Over Old Hills and Far away - KYA's Website E D S C
Summ. et Tolkien - L'alchimie du rêve (Titloth's one) E D S  
Symphony of Enwhanted Worlds (my old one) F A S  
Summoning by AuT Pl D S  
Vae Victus Webpage E D S  
    => Hobbit Pages
A short page with infos on ancient demos R U P +
A page with text only, in Russian R U P  

Legend :

L : Language (Russian, Polish, English, French)
U : Updated, Abandonned or Disappeared*
T : Type i.e. whether it is a Page or a webSite
Q : Quality; no judgment but special congatulations
(D= Design, C= most Complete, +=worth going there too)

* I don't delete links to Kasumov's and Darkira's websites in tribute to their high quality..
Légende :

L : Langue (Russe, Polonais, English, Frçais)
U : Mis à jour (U) ou abandonné (A) voire disparu (D)*
T : Type i.e. s'il s'agit d'une Page ou d'un Site
Q : Qualité ; pas de jugement mais des mentions spéciales
(D= Design, C= le + Complet, +=également à voir)

* Je laisse les sites disparus de Kasumov et surtout Darkira en hommage, car ils étaient vraiment de grande qualité..