A little bio written by Silenius years ago:

Summoning war formed about four years ago by Protector
and me. In that time we had a drummer called Trifixion whom
we later kicked out of the band. Before Summoning Protector was
playing in a kind of "old fashioned" Thrash band that nearly got a
record deal by Peaceville. But in that time the band broke up.
With Summoning we made two demos and some promotapes
which we sent to some record companies. The demos sold quit well in
a record shop in Vienna called "Why Not" (where the guys from
"Pungent Stench" used to work, just if you are interested).
Some times later I got in contact with T.T. from Abigor, who made
an interview with me for the local fanzine TAUB (which was my first
Interview by the way). We talked a lot, and he told me, that he wanted
to form a band of his own, and he gave me a tape with only some riffs
included. That was the birth of Abigor. We kept the contact and later
I replaced Rune (now singer of Amestigon) and did the vocals for all
Abigor releases (exept the demos) now as a permanent Abigor member.
As we recorded the forst Abigor album for the young Napalm
Records Label I got in contact with Max from Napalm.
We handled a deal for Summoning and soon our debut
"Lugburz" was released by Napalm. After the recording we kicked
out Trifixion, who turned out to be a commercial thinking asshole.
We did not want to got a new drummer and so continued working
with medieval and bombastic keyboard percussion sounds.
The result can be hears on Minas Morgul. This album is totally
influenced by Tolkiens saga of Middlearth.
Our next release "Dol Guldur" was released in the end of 96 and
was a follow up to "Minas Morgul", musical and lyricalwise.